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Why Switch to Electronic Room Cleaning?

Maintaining a clean manufacturing environment is essential in pharma. The efficacy and compliance of your products and processes relies on accuracy and precision at every step of the manufacturing journey. And that starts with cleaning validation. If clean rooms, surfaces, equipment or packaging is not cleaned thoroughly, entire batches can become defective and cause repetition […]

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Corrective and Preventive Action in Pharmaceutical Industry

Getting it right the first time in the pharmaceutical industry is an absolute priority. If that seems obvious, it’s because it is. More so than in other industries, small errors have the potential to cause enormous problems down the line. This is true of large and complex scientific miscalculations, and smaller mistakes alike. In fact […]

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The Benefits of Global Asset Tracking Software in Pharma

If your business depends on an international network, full visibility into all equipment and processes is essential. Use-logs are the GMP record for equipment use and management and are 100% paper-based. An equipment’s journey around the world can include a number of 3rd party CMOs and locations, which makes tracking an equipment’s physical location a […]

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Why Paperless Processes Are the Future of Work

Think of traditional working environments and one of the things that comes to mind is often desks, shelves and vaults stacked with pieces of paper. Some of it scribbled notes, some of it key performance data. All of it in some semblance of organization, but nothing readily available without some kind of search. Imagine a modern-day working […]

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