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The Pitfalls of Paper Forms in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Paper documentation and wet signatures are still all too common in manufacturing operations. At this point, the pitfalls of paper forms outweigh their benefits. This is why many pharmaceutical companies are turning to digital solutions to streamline their processes, reduce paperwork, and make their operations more efficient. With electronic forms, users can securely document their […]

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The Benefits of Global Asset Tracking Software in Pharma

If your business depends on an international network, full visibility into all equipment and processes is essential. Use-logs are the GMP record for equipment use and management and are 100% paper-based. An equipment’s journey around the world can include a number of 3rd party CMOs and locations, which makes tracking an equipment’s physical location a […]

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Digital Equipment Use Logs: The Best Way To Track and Manage Your Equipment

Why Are Equipment Use Logs Important? Equipment documentation is fundamental to successful operations. In pharmaceutical and life sciences production, accurate equipment use logs are vital for equipment life-cycle management and compliance. A thorough equipment maintenance log must effectively manage the use of equipment throughout its life-cycle. Paper and pen have been the traditional means of […]

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