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Equipment Location Management

A substantial number of portable equipment instances are transferred between sites worldwide. During the equipment’s life cycle, paper-based use logs are coupled with the equipment in order to keep track of the status and location. During this journey, it is difficult to know the physical location of the equipment, use logs are incorrectly completed and/or damaged, and in some cases, the equipment is lost entirely. OpsTrakker solves these issues by tracking equipment status and location in real time.

Both GMP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, OpsTrakker enables equipment location tracking across: 

Available for iOS, Android, and supported browsers, advance your digitalization strategy with OpsTrakker. 

Equipment Location History Software

Portable equipment within a global fleet is transferred between sites worldwide. Managing equipment instances is a common challenge. Moreover, managing locations using paper and pen is not only a challenge, but introduces countless business and production risks. Equipment physical location is frequently unknown. Equipment use-logs serve as a GMP records for equipment location tracking. However, cross facility equipment tracking requires complex paper management systems. 

Common costs and risks associated with paper include:

OpsTrakker Benefits:

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