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Scalable Solutions

Pharmaceutical manufacturing operations come in all shapes and sizes. From pilot sites producing several batches a year, to multi-facility production efforts, scalable solutions are essential for digitalization. Digitalization ambitions seem to be at odds when exploring eliminating paper from a manufacturing floor.

How do we balance digitalization ambitions to eliminate paper, while ensuring each and every step is properly documented and verified by the appropriate personnel?

Documentation is essential for pharmaceutical and medical device operations at all scales. Digital solutions must meet regulatory requirements and must be highly scalable to local, regional, or global process needs, regardless of digitalization ambitions. Processes and actions must be appropriately recorded and addressed to ensure regulatory compliance and production integrity across the value stream. 

OpsTrakker’s manufacturing operations solutions enable high scalability deployment for all manufacturing processes. Whatever your production requirements are, OpsTrakker will fit perfectly into your existing processes to promote standardization, harmonization, and automation.

Single Plant/Site

Equipment and form management within a facility can be complex. Further complicated with paper-based documentation, finding opportunity within a stack of hand-written spreadsheets and pages is a major challenge. Fortunately, electronic forms and logbooks present tangible opportunities. OpsTrakker effectively eliminates your facility’s paper documents with our eLogbook, eForms, and Batch Execution Workflow solutions. The fully compliant and audit-ready solution effectively manages equipment , while ensuring process documentation requirements are met. As you strive to meet your digitalization ambitions, OpsTrakker integrates with your IIoT architecture to reduce process deviations, while eliminating the headaches of paper and hand-written documents. OpsTrakker is highly configurable and can be deployed in a matter of weeks to months, to achieve business opportunity. 

Enterprise Multi-Plant

Oftentimes, plants feel like individual siloes, functioning on their own to complete their own operations. As such, deploying a digitalization strategy to meet global business needs can be daunting. Deploying such a solution must promote process improvement via harmonization and standardization across all sites and a variety of stake-holders. Our deployment methodology and implementation experience eliminate production silos and enable a high degree of cross facility standardization. OpsTrakker’s enterprise ready architecture enable rapid deployment. With a high degree of configurability, expansion and scaling may be handled internally.

OpsTrakker implementation is performed using industry best practices with our team of highly skilled resources, well versed in deploying digital solutions to the life sciences industry at all scales.

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