What does Opstrakker solve?

Manufacturing facilities using paper-based forms and equipment logbooks face problems that OpsTrakker addresses:

  • Illegible paperwork
  • Lost time reviewing for completeness and compliance
  • Complications surrounding global equipment tracking
  • Missing or misplaced forms and logbooks
  • Difficulties analyzing paper records for reporting

How does Opstrakker solve these problems?

OpsTrakker solves these issues by converting existing paper-based forms into electronic versions that facilitate improved efficiency and savings in time and money:

  • Measurable improved operator efficiencies using electronic forms
  • Reduced time for preparation and post-execution review
  • Savings from reduced execution errors discrepancy investigations
  • Real-time global equipment tracking

How does OpsTrakker work?

OpsTrakker authors paper-based forms into electronic forms. When electronic forms are executed on OpsTrakker, execution data is sent to the OpsTrakker server from all the execution data received. OpsTrakker allows users to filter all captured data from histories for analysis.