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Electronic Forms for Work Instructions and Data Collection

Paper-based data collection method has helped companies immensely. Sadly, it cannot keep up with the technological advancement pace, so it has to be substituted with electronic forms. Let’s discuss how electronic forms are changing the industry and the benefits of using electronic forms for work instructions, workflows, and data collection in the pharmaceutical industry, biotech, […]

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Common Compliance Mistakes That Can Get You in Trouble with the FDA

Specific laws guide companies in every sector. Compliance with those laws aids effective manufacturing and keeps customers safe, especially in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Since these industries focus on human health and patient outcomes, adherence to health and safety regulations is crucial. Therefore, pharma manufacturers must watch out for common mistakes equating to non-compliance. […]

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Corrective and Preventive Action in Pharmaceutical Industry

Getting it right the first time in the pharmaceutical industry is an absolute priority. If that seems obvious, it’s because it is. More so than in other industries, small errors have the potential to cause enormous problems down the line. This is true of large and complex scientific miscalculations, and smaller mistakes alike. In fact […]

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