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The Biggest Trends in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The pharmaceutical industry has undergone several changes which are often introduced and enforced by regulatory bodies. These changes, which we can also call a revolution, make up Pharma 4.0. Earlier in the day, pharmaceutical operations were manual and required solely the use of paper. However, as technology improved, pharmaceutical manufacturing gradually switched to paperless pharmaceutical […]

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Agility in New Areas of Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical manufacturing has traditionally relied on centralized facilities for mass pharmaceutical production and distribution. As good as this method is, it may be limited when looking at the larger industry trends. This method guarantees product quality and consistency, but its rigidity prevents new manufacturing methods that might improve efficiency and supply chain resilience from being […]

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The Pitfalls of Paper Forms in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Paper documentation and wet signatures are still all too common in manufacturing operations. At this point, the pitfalls of paper forms outweigh their benefits. This is why many pharmaceutical companies are turning to digital solutions to streamline their processes, reduce paperwork, and make their operations more efficient. With electronic forms, users can securely document their […]

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Electronic Forms for Work Instructions and Data Collection

Paper-based data collection method has helped companies immensely. Sadly, it cannot keep up with the technological advancement pace, so it has to be substituted with electronic forms. Let’s discuss how electronic forms are changing the industry and the benefits of using electronic forms for work instructions, workflows, and data collection in the pharmaceutical industry, biotech, […]

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Common Compliance Mistakes That Can Get You in Trouble with the FDA

Specific laws guide companies in every sector. Compliance with those laws aids effective manufacturing and keeps customers safe, especially in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Since these industries focus on human health and patient outcomes, adherence to health and safety regulations is crucial. Therefore, pharma manufacturers must watch out for common mistakes equating to non-compliance. […]

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Why Switch to Electronic Room Cleaning?

Maintaining a clean manufacturing environment is essential in pharma. The efficacy and compliance of your products and processes relies on accuracy and precision at every step of the manufacturing journey. And that starts with cleaning validation. If clean rooms, surfaces, equipment or packaging is not cleaned thoroughly, entire batches can become defective and cause repetition […]

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Corrective and Preventive Action in Pharmaceutical Industry

Getting it right the first time in the pharmaceutical industry is an absolute priority. If that seems obvious, it’s because it is. More so than in other industries, small errors have the potential to cause enormous problems down the line. This is true of large and complex scientific miscalculations, and smaller mistakes alike. In fact […]

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Lightweight and Low Overhead Solution for the Pharmaceutical Industry

OpsTrakker is built on the latest industry 4.0 trends to be a lightweight and low-overhead solution for GMP operations. Opposed to traditional GMP applications, OpsTrakker focuses on providing high value manufacturing functionality for specific use cases through it’s suite of apps. While traditional systems do a great job at their respective purposes, a gap is […]

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The Importance of Data Integrity in Pharma and Regulated Industries

The use of data is an integral part of every system and sector. One core sector where data is so highly valued is the pharmaceutical industry. Not alone does this industry use data, it also places a premium on data integrity. In this blog post, we will analyze what data integrity is and its importance. […]

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¡Vamo a Darle! EIS PR is Open for Business!

Today, EIS Inc. announced the opening of Enhanced Information Solutions Limited Puerto Rico Liaison Office. EIS Puerto Rico is a 100% owned subsidiary of EIS Inc. and is established as part of EIS’s strategic objectives and client focus to provide high quality consulting and manufacturing system implementation services to its global clients.With the incorporation of […]

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