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Increase the speed and quality of pharmaceutical production with OpsTrakker Electronic Batch Execution Engine

Traditional MES Solutions do a great job in deploying electronic batch records. We have extensive experience implementing electronic batch records with our MES partners and advancing digitalization efforts. At times, user requirements and site capabilities prohibit a full fledged MES solution. OpsTrakker’s batch execution workflow software bridges the gap of a traditional MES solution and a paper system, and provide a low cost alternative that can be deployed in a matter of months. OpsTrakker’s batch execution workflows may complement an organization’s existing MES offerings or assist companies using paper start their digital transformation. By leveraging more than 25 years of experience in the industry, our offering can eliminate paperwork and standardize batch execution workflows.

Avoid the risk of human error. Batch execution workflows ensures that every activity is precisely recorded and documented in accordance with regulatory requirements. OpsTrakker’s workflow engine facilitates operator activities during batch production, to standardize each activity, while eliminating paper form the shop-floor. The solution leverages review by exception to highlight deviations, discrepancies, and errors, to significantly reduce post execution review cycles. In turn, enabling prompt corrective action as well as process insights to promote effective and efficient process improvement. 

A Lean Batch Execution Workflow Engine for the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Industries

Few industries require the same regulatory requirements as the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. Paper-based records are no longer up to the job. Completing paper-based batch documentation is time-consuming and prone to human error, often requiring dozens, if not hundreds of papers and forms to complete. Furthermore, the labor intensive review process, may lead to further production delays. 

OpsTrakker’s batch execution software improves manufacturing productivity and facilitates compliance through streamlined data capture and electronic signatures. The batch execution workflow engine guides manual activity completion to facilitate right first time execution. Electronic entries are safeguarded with validation checks and leverage review by exception to improve post-execution review cycles. 

 All batch documentation and records are digitally secured in a central location and can be accessed anytime from anywhere. Ease of retrieval can significantly enhance your organization’s ability to review the batch, and analyze for process improvement. 

OpsTrakker Batch Execution Workflow Module

Electronic batch workflows are an online solution that automate manual activities within a batch production and packaging. OpsTrakker’s engine eliminates human error, while improving production output and standardizing operator activities. The solution bridges the gap of a traditional MES solution and a paper based system, to replace paper and advance digitalization ambitions, without introducing too much complexity. 

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