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Common Compliance Mistakes That Can Get You in Trouble with the FDA

Specific laws guide companies in every sector. Compliance with those laws aids effective manufacturing and keeps customers safe, especially in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Since these industries focus on human health and patient outcomes, adherence to health and safety regulations is crucial. Therefore, pharma manufacturers must watch out for common mistakes equating to non-compliance. […]

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How Going Paperless Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

It’s never been more important to reduce our impact on the environment. Environmental and organizational pressure to reduce our carbon footprint is increasing. One way to reduce your business’s footprint is by joining the paperless revolution. Fortunately, reducing your carbon footprint does not have to be such a challenging process. In fact, there are simple […]

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Why Paperless Processes Are the Future of Work

Think of traditional working environments and one of the things that comes to mind is often desks, shelves and vaults stacked with pieces of paper. Some of it scribbled notes, some of it key performance data. All of it in some semblance of organization, but nothing readily available without some kind of search. Imagine a modern-day working […]

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