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Lightweight and Low Overhead Solution for the Pharmaceutical Industry

OpsTrakker is built on the latest industry 4.0 trends to be a lightweight and low-overhead solution for GMP operations. Opposed to traditional GMP applications, OpsTrakker focuses on providing high value manufacturing functionality for specific use cases through it’s suite of apps. While traditional systems do a great job at their respective purposes, a gap is […]

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EIS Reaches New Horizons with Ireland Liaison Office

Today, EIS Inc. announced the opening of Enhanced Information Solutions Limited Ireland Liaison Office. EIS Ireland Liaison office is a 100% owned subsidiary of EIS Inc. and is established as part of EIS’s strategic objectives and client focus to provide high quality consulting and manufacturing system implementation services to its global clients. With the incorporation […]

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Why Paperless Processes Are the Future of Work

Think of traditional working environments and one of the things that comes to mind is often desks, shelves and vaults stacked with pieces of paper. Some of it scribbled notes, some of it key performance data. All of it in some semblance of organization, but nothing readily available without some kind of search. Imagine a modern-day working […]

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Digital Equipment Use Logs: The Best Way To Track and Manage Your Equipment

Why Are Equipment Use Logs Important? Equipment documentation is fundamental to successful operations. In pharmaceutical and life sciences production, accurate equipment use logs are vital for equipment life-cycle management and compliance. A thorough equipment maintenance log must effectively manage the use of equipment throughout its life-cycle. Paper and pen have been the traditional means of […]

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SAP Names EIS Incorporated the Winner of Manufacturing Partner Mobility Contest

WALLDORF — SAP SE today announced the winner of the “Manufacturing Partner Mobility Contest,” which took place at a recent SAPinsider 2014 event held in Las Vegas. EIS Incorporated was selected from a panel of industry analyst judges and by audience votes. The company’s demonstrated OpsTrakker manufacturing operations mobile application, which is built on SAP […]

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