eSignage: e-Ink Labels and Displays

OpsTrakker Real-Time Equipment and Material Labels

OpsTrakker’s eSignage solution removes more paper from your plant processes, helping to keep on top of inventory and convey accurate and timely information to teams. E-Ink displays help you gain valuable time across workflows for leaner and more efficient operations. This simple to deploy and manage solution helps to lower costs and increase productivity. 

eSignage can be used for a variety of use-cases, including:

See Real-Time Statuses and Expiration

Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Products

OpsTrakker is proud to bring electronic shelf label (ESL) technology to the life science industry. We offer a range of ESL products to fit any use case, all with seamless integration to OpsTrakker.

eInk Display Features

Full Two-Way Communication

5 Year Battery Life

Fully-Graphic Three Color Display

Mobile Device - No Wired Connection Needed

Standard Coin Batteries

6 Pages of Content per Device

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