Data-driven Insights Provided by IoT

Revolutionize Pharmaceutical Manufacturing with IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of interconnected devices that communicate with each other. It has emerged as the future of manufacturing due to its ability to predict, track and connect each stage and every stakeholder throughout a process. IoT for pharmaceutical manufacturing is of particular importance as it enables a connected ecosystem of devices within such a complex environment. Data generated by each device can be analyzed and shared with other connected devices and human resources to enable real-time updates, minimize mistakes and streamline processes. 

Connected devices that share data and information help to ensure the smooth operation of each stage of the manufacturing process and remove the need for manual intervention. Automating routine checks helps ensure that all maintenance is timely and engineers spend their time on activities that add value rather than carrying out ad hoc assessments on equipment in the hope of possibly finding signs of potential defects.

With huge volumes of data being generated and shared between connected devices every day, IoT analytics can be set up to collect and process the most valuable data points. Automated activities and detailed networks of smart objects reduce the capacity for errors in the manufacturing process and simiplies complex procedures. 

OpsTrakker is compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 and enables data safeguarding to aggregate, store and manage multiple data types and distribute with authorized personnel only.

Data generated from your IoT infrastructure may be integrated with OpsTrakker so there is no need to waste time and resources manually inputting data. The data generated provides unprecedented insight into performance to enable continuous improvement and better decision-making. Throughout pharmaceutical production, IoT enables real-time monitoring and optimization by providing an overview of every formulation and manufacturing step. 

One of the greatest benefits of IoT in pharmaceutical production is the advancements in data acquisition. From CMMS systems which manage equipment statuses to shop floor sensors, OpsTrakker can integrate with your IoT infrastructure to eliminate the need for manual entry.  Such a system can further automate processes and enable remedial action, prior to significant process disruptions. 

Data-driven insights provided by IoT offer the pharmaceutical industry greater control over drug manufacturing along with improved preventive maintenance systems. It is being integrated into existing systems across the industry to improve quality, increase productivity, reduce data entry and production errors, and bring pharmaceutical and life sciences products to market rapidly and in accordance with GMP compliance requirements.

OpsTrakker provides a suite of connected solutions that integrate with your existing systems to turn a passive network into an active network. This digital interconnectivity enables real-time process visibility for improved efficiency across the entire manufacturing process. With OpsTrakker, manual input errors are eradicated and repetitive tasks are automated to ensure uniformity and consistency. Our solutions provide a holistic, overall view of the operation and enables real-time data-driven decision-making to increase the speed and accuracy of production. 

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