Lightweight and Low Overhead Solution for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Lightweight and Low Overhead Solution for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Corrective and Preventive Action in Pharmaceutical Industry

OpsTrakker is built on the latest industry 4.0 trends to be a lightweight and low-overhead solution for GMP operations. Opposed to traditional GMP applications, OpsTrakker focuses on providing high value manufacturing functionality for specific use cases through it’s suite of apps. While traditional systems do a great job at their respective purposes, a gap is evident between paper-based and full-fledged GMP systems. OpsTrakker was designed to fill this gap, while reducing common on-going maintenance requirements to achieve high value manufacturing functionality.   

Lightweight Software

Implementing a digital system to GMP operations can take substantial effort and time. Oftentimes, deploying traditional systems takes considerable resources. Yet on the other hand, the pain points of paper-based systems are evident. This gap between paper and technology is evident, but few lightweight solutions have successfully resolved these pain points.

OpsTrakker uniquely alleviates these pain points with its lightweight footprint. OpsTrakker’s light footprint only requires a few resources to implement. In turn, significantly reducing the time and effort to implement and maintain. 

Highly Configurable

OpsTrakker leverages industry best practices to empower your team to run. eLogBooks and eForms can be deployed without any code and are completely configurable. This significantly enables OpsTrakker users to start authoring and reduce the cost to maintain. 

Flexible Hosting Strategy

OpsTrakker’s flexible hosting strategy enables several methods to deploy our lightweight solution. From on-premise to the cloud, OpsTrakker can do it all. OpsTrakker can even be deployed via the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, a true feat for GMP applications within the pharmaceutical industry. 

The OpsTrakker SaaS model can significantly reduce the time to go-live by leveraging a pre-qualified hosting environment. SaaS characterizes the application deployment model in which an organization licenses a software managed by the license vendor. SaaS is not a new concept and is now being recognised as a viable solution to boost productivity while cutting costs and reducing IT overhead in pharma.

Alternatively, OpsTrakker can be deployed traditionally on premise.  

The benefits of SaaS in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Arguably, the main benefit of SaaS in pharma manufacturing is that it enables organizations to adopt new technologies faster, with a leaner IT effort. You no longer need huge capital investments to enable the latest industry technologies. Thus enabling a plethora of business and manufacturing benefits. Including: 

  • Speed to Production: Enable rapid adoption of cutting-edge technologies to deploy to the manufacturing floor in a fraction of the time. 
  • Accessibility: Access data whenever necessary from anywhere in the world.
  • Affordability: Rapid deployment and scalable solutions increase flexibility according to business needs. 
  • Scalability: As your business grows and needs change, upgrading is smooth and simple and supports global rollouts. 
  • Simplicity: Vendor managed infrastructure alleviates the costs and burdens of managing applications internally. 

SaaS in pharma

Emerging technologies within pharma enable faster time to market than ever before. Unfortunately, digital systems have largely lagged to support such efforts. Though pharma is hesitant to adopt SaaS technologies, lightweight solutions do not suffer many of the same challenges as traditional on-premise systems.

With companies developing new and innovative therapies to market, rapid deployable GMP applications are necessary. Whether it is for clinical, commercial, enterprise, or contract manufacturing, OpsTrakker’s flexibility makes it a no-brainer in unlocking value across the manufacturing floor. 

With our SaaS vendor managed option, organizations do not need the overhead to manage the infrastructure the application lives in. The costs to maintain are no longer a burden, but flexible according to business needs and strategic goals. 

OpsTrakker’s light touch, low overhead SaaS solution

OpsTrakker supports a variety of hosting options, from traditional on-premise deployments, to private cloud, such as in Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or as a vendor managed SaaS deployment. OpsTrakker’s lightweight footprint enables a flexible and highly scalable deployment

When it comes to producing new and innovative products, nothing is more important than getting things right the first time

About OpsTrakker

OpsTrakker GMP solutions provide high value manufacturing functionality through its electronic solutions. With more than 25 years of experience deploying digital systems to GMP facilities. Our software is designed to decrease product time to market and increase ROI through enhanced compliance, improved manufacturing operations, and access to data.

If you’re looking to enhance your manufacturing process and want to talk to us in greater depth about how OpsTrakker could be the answer to your pharmaceutical manufacturing challenges, get in touch today.

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