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Access to production data and analytics is essential to modern manufacturing . Moreover, staying on top of site’s operation is critical to your organization’s performance. Oftentimes, manual activities, involving paper and pen fail to leverage their underlying data for further investigation or process improvement, leaving tangible value behind. 

OpsTrakker gives you visibility over manual process that you never had before. OpsTrakker’s architecture and thoughtful design help to create effective dashboard to unlock manufacturing data. 

Available for iOS, Android, and supported browsers, advance your digitalization strategy with OpsTrakker. 

Equipment Review Report

Review by Exception

The beauty of digital systems is that it does not take days or weeks to identify deviations. It takes mere moments. OpsTrakker instantly highlights process exceptions and comments for manufacturing or QA review. The underlying data behind process deviations and disruptions is critical to process improvement. Don’t wait for catastrophe before taking action. Oftentimes, the tell-tale signs are right in front of you, you just need the tools to help guide you. 

Comment Trends

OpsTrakker’s architecture and thoughtfuldesign allow for storing in its secure database a variety of execution data. This rich data source can act as a building block for deriving meaningful insights, using readily available analytics tools, such as Microsoft BI, Tableau, Qlikview or even simpler Excel spreadsheets.  

One such dashboard using Microsoft Power BI is shown here, using comments logged/captured during execution of equipment logbooks on the shop-floor. 

Analysis of such data can reveal many things, such as a potential issue with the equipment itself, gaps in training given to operators, etc. These insights can help organizations take specific measures and help improve their operations. Many similar dashboards can be designed and developed to generate more meaningful insights for continuous improvement. 

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