How Going Paperless Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

How Going Paperless Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

How Going Paperless Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

It’s never been more important to reduce our impact on the environment. Environmental and organizational pressure to reduce our carbon footprint is increasing. One way to reduce your business’s footprint is by joining the paperless revolution. 

Fortunately, reducing your carbon footprint does not have to be such a challenging process. In fact, there are simple actions you can take right now, such as switching to paperless records with an electronic manufacturing solution.

How going paperless can reduce your carbon footprint

Going digital reduces your impact on the environment as it reduces the resources and costs associated with printing, using, and maintaining paper records. Physical documents are replaced with digital counterparts. All the operator forms, checklists, and logbooks can be replaced with digital alternatives to eliminate paper from manufacturing. 

What is a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is a measure of how much carbon is released into the atmosphere as a result of personal or business activities. We often measure it by the weight of carbon released to the air, ground, and water. 

The lower the footprint, the less carbon you release and the greener your business.

To safeguard the future of our planet and our business operations, it’s crucial to take the steps necessary to decrease carbon emisions. 

Business benefits of going paperless

Paperless isn’t only the most sustainable option, it’s also the most practical too.

Paperless records can mitigate the handwriting risks and reduce human errors. No more wasting time looking for paper records, correcting calculations or struggling with illegible handwriting! The system checks operator activity in real time, to ensure records are completed right the first time. 

Electronic logbooks are accessible from anywhere so you can identify trends and make business decisions with just a few clicks. By providing real time asset data, they create an audit-ready system, making sure your business always follows regulation for a right-first-time workflow.

Opstrakker Elogbook Solution

The OpsTrakker eLogbook Solution is designed with all this in mind. With over 25 years in GMP manufacturing facilities, OpsTrakker can promote sustainability initiatives with its high-value manufacturing functionality. 

eLogBooks are easy to implement and compliant with federal regulations for electronic signatures. It is highly configurable and covers all equipment types and activities, with seamless integration into your ERP or maintenance systems.

Best of all, it’s simple.

Your team won’t need to spend months learning how to use a complex system. The simple to configure interface can help you bring electronic forms and records to your GMP manufacturing floor in significantly less time. Our mobile first solution makes operator adoption easy through access via laptops, or tablets, including iPads or Android Devices. The switch to paperless records has never been easier!

Futureproof your manufacturing with OpsTrakker, to reduce your carbon footprint today!

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