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Computer Aided Review

Digital systems are powerful complements to humans. Modern manufacturing facilities balance automation with human activities. OpsTrakker’s digital solutions decrease execution errors, allowing QA to focus only on review in case of exceptions, and thereby improving manufacturing operations. OpsTrakker functions as a reviewer to ensure that each activity is performed Right First Time and a separate Supervisor/QA review is not required for exception-free workflow executions. Just like apps you download on your phone, OpsTrakker is intuitive and achieves high adoption for its interface. 

Both GMP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, OpsTrakker delivers high performance digital solutions to improve manufacturing operations: 

Available for iOS, Android, and supported browsers, advance your digitalization strategy with OpsTrakker. 

Review by Exception

Review by Exception allows the plant floor supervisors or QA personnel to focus only on logbook/form entries (Execution Workflows), which have comments logged. These comments could be logged by operator/user or enforced by system due to any parameter entry failing validation of set limits. This way, substantial review effort saving is achieved with OpsTrakker. 

OpsTrakker is a fantastic way to enable review by exception in operations unable to adopt larger offerings. Thus, providing a means to augment manual activities, commonly carried out with high use of paper and pen. In turn, OpsTrakker provides the following benefits, in a lightweight and simple to deploy fashion. 

Review by Exception

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