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Eliminate Paper for Mobile Apps

Countless plant operations are carried out with paper and pen. Too often, manual activities on the shop-floor result in losses, discrepancies, and compliance issues. While Pharma 4.0 initiatives have provided fantastic benefits to life sciences manufacturing, manual activities have been left behind and are unable to participate in the connected workplace. 

OpsTrakker augments manual activities on the shop-floor with IoT, to eliminate paper for mobile apps. When moving from a paper-based system to OpsTrakker, there are a number of benefits that can be quantified. In order to create an ROI analysis, one must first define the key categories of benefits to quantified. These categories include:

Available for iOS, Android, and supported browsers, advance your digitalization strategy with OpsTrakker. 

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Problems Solved When Eliminating Paper

Failure to follow room availability

Difficulties in capturing hand-written data

Incomplete or inaccurate data input

Lost or misplaced paper forms

High cost of storing paper-based forms

Illegible completion of paper forms

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