eDatasheet FAQ for AVEVA (OSIsoft) PI Data Logging

eDatasheet FAQ - AVEVA (OSIsoft) PI Data Logging

What is the OSIsoft (OSI) PI Data Historian?

The PI Data Historian, or the PI System, developed by AVEVA (formerly developed by OSIsoft), is a system to collect, manage, visualize, and analyze, operational data from various sources. 

It is used across a variety of industries including the life sciences, machinery, pulp & paper, chemical, power & utilities, aerospace industries and more!

What is manual data entry to a PI System?

Manual data entry to a PI system, is a process of capturing operational data from manual activities within a PI Historian. 

Several tools have been developed to capture manual data, however, support for these products is limited and enhancements have been side-lined. 

eDatasheet, developed by Enhanced Information Solutions, solves these issues by enabling manual data entry to a PI system, via an intuitive, mobile-first interface, for operator use. The off-the-shelf solution has a variety of manufacturing and business benefits to streamline data logging to a PI system. 

What is needed for a integration with a PI System?

There are several methods to system integration from manufacturing software to a PI System Historian. Several, antiquated, integration methods have been developed, yet fail to capture value long term, due to lack of support and high customization. 

eDatasheet is off-the-shelf configurable, to enable manual data entry to PI. eDatasheet leverages an organization's PI Web API, to enable discrete and real-time time-series data entry to a PI system. 

How do Data Loggers work?

Data loggers to a PI Historian are often complex and cumbersome. They require high maintenance and customization to define equipment integration with the PI server. 

eDatasheet leverages PI Tags and Asset Frameworks, to streamline data logging activities. eDatasheet supports pre-configured text for reason codes and text comment entry for detailed data logging. 

eDatasheet FAQ - AVEVA (OSIsoft) PI Data Logging

Support AF Hierarchies


Utilize AF Units of Measure


Asset Based Limits


Optionally Enforce Limits

Limits can be enforced, or require comment, or flagged only. 

Enter Comments for an Entry

Yes, string stored in database and optionally a Tag/Attribute

Support Reason Codes or Pick Lists

Yes, can be stored string or enumerated text. 

Edit Values Once Written to PI

Can optionally enable. 

Communication with PI

Via PI Web API - Requires PSA (PI System Access)

Can be Embedded within PI Vision


Can be used on Tablet or Phone

Used with any device supporting HTML 5

Enter Values by Columns or Rows

Forms can be transposed with Tags/Attributes are column or rows

Supports Active Directory (LDAP) Security


On Premise or Cloud Hosting


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