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What is Pharma 4.0?

Pharma 4.0 is the latest pharmaceutical iteration in Industry 4.0. The digital landscape is changing rapidly and new technologies are deployed seemingly each day. Pharma 4.0 is characterized by technology designed with the user in mind, in an interconnected digital ecosystem for the life sciences, medical devices, and pharmaceutical industries. Building a human-centered facility requires adopting a ground-up approach to digital transformation. IIoT, or Industrial Internet of Things, leverages interconnected devices to communicate with personnel and technology across the value chain. All in all, true process and facilities improvements are attainable when our workforce is empowered with the technology to succeed.

A digital facility requires a wholly integrated solution of interconnected technology to achieve process harmonization. Hesitance to adopt game changing technologies leaves tangible opportunity on the table. Innovative developments of Pharma 4.0 can be found in:

  • Digital forms, logbooks, datasheets, and more that eliminate paper from the production floor
  • Live process analytics that enable process and manufacturing review in real time
  • Standardized and harmonized processes achieving "Right-the-First-Time", every time
  • Rich and secure data archives available for review and process improvement
  • Advanced biometric authentication for site security and operational procedures
  • Human-centric technology to empower your workforce

OpsTrakker is Driving Digital Transformation

OpsTrakker advances digital transformation by eliminating paper records from your facility. The OpsTrakker workflow engine drives performance integrity and federal compliance using advanced integration with the following systems:

  • ERP Integration to Retrieve Batch Record Parameters
  • Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) and Barcode Ready to populate process values in real-time
  • NYMI Band biometric authorization
  • Compliant Cloud / OdysseyVC​ for GxP compliant cloud hosting

OpsTrakker achieves operational excellence with Simplicity using the Voice of the Customer. Thus contributing to OpsTrakker's expansive user and technological capabilities.

Digital Transformation

OpsTrakker is Out-of-Box and IIoT Ready

OpsTrakker enables seamless integration with your existing IIoT infrastructure. The Out-of-Box ready configuration is designed to be connectable and be connected. This seamless integration solves common digital adoption hurdles to decrease effort, increase reliability, and increase security.

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Equipment Use Logs

Real-time equipment use and status management

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Forms and Checklists

Eliminate paper-based forms and checklists from your production floor

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Global Asset Status and Tracking

Track equipment use, status, and location in real-time across your manufacturing network

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