A substantial number of portable equipment instances are transferred between sites worldwide. During the equipment's life cycle, paper-based use logs are coupled with the equipment in order to keep track of the status and location. During this journey, it is difficult to know the physical location of the equipment, use logs are incorrectly completed and/or damaged, and in some cases, the equipment is lost entirely. OpsTrakker solves these issues by tracking equipment status and location in real time.

Costs and Risks with Paper

  • 12%-25% of paper logs have errors/omissions
  • Many are lost or damaged requiring reconstruction using discrepancy management
  • Paper system provides no ability to search or scan for vessels with common characteristics
  • Manual searching for vessel impacted by investigations can take weeks of work
  • Unreliable use by non-English speaking users resulting in additional errors & discrepancies


  • Track portable tanks globally across your network & CMOs
  • No need to ship paper log with tanks and never lose or damage paper again
  • Enforce compliance by eliminating missing entries and misaligned data
  • Detect discrepant situations in real time and stop forward processing
  • Real-time location and status tracking with immediate access to tank history
  • Implement site-specific language for non-English users