Right First Time: OpsTrakker allows to include required validations for the input parameters on the eForm/ eLogbook. During authoring/ design time, it allows to configure Set (lower & upper allowable) limits, Valid/Invalid values for each and every input parameter set by either an operator/ system / device. OpsTrakker also allows to choose the course of action to be taken during execution in the event of such validation failure.

Right First Time

OpsTrakker will throw an exception error message in the event entered/input value is invalid. Thus if there was any human error by the operator while entry, it could get corrected and execution will be “Right First Time”. Though it appears very simple, however parameterization and ability to configure these validations, make OpsTrakker a perfect solution on your shop floor to achieve Right First Time, every time.

  • Right First Time, all the time
  • Guidance to operators during execution
  • GDP, GMP compliance with complete audit trail of all transactions